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Coaching with April


For over 25 years, I've been dedicated to assisting leading software and hardware companies in developing and executing successful selling strategies. Recently, I completed my Executive Coaching Training, further enhancing my expertise in this field.

Groups of Leaders I Specialize In:

  • C-Suite Executives

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Young individuals, particularly women, who are early in their careers


Passion for Executive Coaching:

In executive coaching, I find the most fulfillment in:

  • Encouraging individuals to envision the endless possibilities before them

  • Assisting organizations in aligning with the right partners

  • Inspiring hope and confidence in those I coach

  • Nurturing and empowering individuals to see their dreams come to fruition


Natural Talents and Strengths I Bring to Coaching:

I approach coaching from a foundation rooted in faith and compassion. My strengths include:

  • Being a compassionate listener

  • Demonstrating emotional intelligence

  • Curiosity to explore new perspectives

  • Strategic thinking and goal orientation

  • Maintaining mental and physical wellness

  • Exercising patience and kindness

  • Holding myself and others accountable

  • Building strong relationships and fostering collaboration

  • Driving achievement and inspiring others to excel

I specialize in assisting individuals who find themselves at various stages in their life and career journey, including those who:

  • Seek to reignite their passions and energy

  • Need support in time management and prioritization

  • Aim to scale their business ventures

  • Are re-entering the workforce after a hiatus

  • Desire to reconnect spiritually

  • Are facing challenges with a loved one

  • Struggle with leadership and inspiration

  • Feel isolated or lonely

  • Wish to impress and exceed expectations with new clients

  • Struggle to have their voices heard in leadership roles

  • Aim to refine their presence when interacting with the C-Suite

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