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Captain’s Wife Log

The more we know about the Jewish culture and context in which Jesus lived, the more we can understand his teachings.” ~ Rabbi Jason Sobel, Fusion with Rabbi Jason

I had been praying for years about exploring my Jewish heritage, God is faithful, and he will do it. My 3+ year journey sent me in the direction of Rabbi Jason and finding the Messiah in the OT feasts which led me to a study at my local Church @thelakewaychurch with Pastor Brent which led me to The Rock, The Road and the Rabbi Tour May 15-26 in the Holy Land. I traveled with my cousin, who promised my Momma right before she was ushered back to heaven to be my Mom here on earth. Thank you, Jamie, for sojourning with me! I know heaven is smiling down, and as I sit here, reflecting, breathing in once again, the lavish grace of God. If you are reading this, breathe in, and as you breathe out, I pray you release any pain, hurt, and shattered dream you feel to make more space for the infinite love and grace of God. I pray we all have strength to offer grace to others today.

I am so grateful for my new "vision," and my longing and craving for more because "there is always more", and the details are so important and priceless! I encourage you to take this "road".

Here are a few photos, excerpts of my pilgrimage. I hope you enjoy and the Spirit of Yeshua touches you.

Day 2 In Israel - 18 May 2023. The Ancient city of Caesarea/Maritima Also known as Caesarea by the Sea, this Roman city is where Peter first took the Gospel message to the Gentiles. Years later, Pau

l was imprisoned in Herod’s palace and ultimately shipped off to Rome from this port where he would appeal to Caesar. From this port, the Gospel would spread to the world – to both the Jews and the Gentiles.

  • Caesarea was founded by Herod the Great in 22 BC (this was the same Herod that expanded the second temple, built Masada and the ruler who massacred children at the time of Jesus’ birth). Caesarea was the seat of the Roman government for over five hundred years – it was like a little Rome in Israel.

  • The Roman Centurion named Cornelius lived in Caesara and became the first non-Jewish convert to Christianity after a visit from Peter who shared the Gospel (Acts 10).

  • Philip the evangelist traveled (Acts 8:40) and stayed for more than 20 years preaching the gospel. Paul would stay with Philip during his missionary journeys in Caesarea (Acts 21).

  • It is in Caesarea Maritima, that Paul spent 2 years in prison for preaching the Gospel and made his defense at least 3 times before the Roman governor Felix and King Herod Agrippa II (Acts 26). Governor Felix was intrigued with Paul and spoke often to him during his imprisonment about “The Way” (Acts 24+25).

In 1961, a 1st century carved limestone with the intact inscription mentioning Pontius Pilate was

discovered in Caesarea. This was wildly significant because it provides historical evidence of his existence and gives proof to truth found in scripture.

SCRIPTURE // Acts 10, 12:19-24, 9:30, 18:22, 21:8-16, 23:23-27

Mount Carmel 11:41 AM

OVERVIEW // Horn of the Carmel, the monastery of the “place of burning” is the second largest site on the Carmel ridge. There is an old monastery is situated belonging to the Carmelite Order, whose

members arrived in the Holy Land from Europe in the 17th century. According to Jewish, Christian, Druze and Muslim belief, it is on this summit that the dramatic battle between Elijah and the prophets of Baal took place. Amid this struggle, the fire that rained down from the sky fell in this exact location.

Rabbi teaches us that God brings transformation and wants to bring us into wholeness and challenges us to think if there is a place in our lives where we have begun to place in front of God and how if we cleave to something other than God we can get torn to pieces.

God wants us to experience His presence and wants a people who want to be purified. Rabbi teaches about character and seasons of going through stuff and how we can be encouraged. God is at work in these seasons and is building spiritual maturity. Pressing in for His presence to do greater things. God desires to a building up of modern day Elijah’s. See fire as a sign of purity, the process of purification. My prayer, “God, thank you for wanting to do it again!!!!”

Off in the Distance we could see the Mount Precipice is also known as Mount of Precipitation or Mount of the Leap of the Lord. This mountain was identified as the place where irate townspeople attempted to throw Jesus off the cliff, “but He walked right through the crowd and went on his way.” (Luke 4:29-30). The mountain provides a breathtaking panoramic vantage point of Nazareth, the home of Joseph and Mary; here the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to tell her of her future pregnancy and Son (Luke 1:26-27); Nazareth is as well the childhood home of Jesus.

Next Stop: Nazareth Village - A first-century farm and village presenting the life, times and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth for all the world.

Two thousand years after the birth of Jesus, Nazareth Village opened its doors to visitors. Nazareth Village is located on a site that was remarkably untouched and unchanged since Jesus time. In fact, Nazareth Village preserves the last remaining fields worked by Jesus’ friends, family and fellow villagers.

The surrounding terraces and farm features did exist in Jesus’ time. Today, Nazareth Village features a

carefully researched re-creation of Jesus hometown. The original farm has been restored with olive trees, terraces, ancient wine press, irrigation system and stone quarry. Exact replicas of first century houses, synagogue, mikveh and olive presses have been carefully built using the same methods that would have been used by Joseph the carpenter. The scenes are brought to life as “Villagers” populate the farm and houses, living and working with the same type of clothing, pottery, tools and methods that Mary and Jesus would have used.

Pilgrims to the Holy Land usually only see the dead stones of ancient ruins. And yet, the geographical and cultural nuances of Jesus’ teaching are often crucial for understanding his full meaning. At Nazareth Village, visitors can experience how a first-century audience heard and was impacted by Jesus’ words. Gifted and knowledgeable guides take visitors through a living representation of the parables. Visitors step into life as it was in the time of Jesus and learn from his parables in the context in which they were created.

We drove thru the Town of Magdala. The location is significant because it is presumed to be the home of Mary Magdelene. One of the reasons people are drawn to Mary’s life is the radical transformation she experience and on a personal note I really relate to here. After years of torment, she walked in joyful freedom due to Yeshua’s delivering power! A place and person of profound hope for anyone who refuses to let their past define them! - Luke 8:1-4

The incredible, amazing day of sightseeing ended with dinner at SOFIA SEA OF GALILEE HOTEL View from the Hotel of the Galilee.

Friday, May 19, 2023 -

Up early from the Hotel and out to the Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights. Rabbi taught from the boat on the Sea of Galilee. A fresh water lake fed by The Jordan River closely connected to the earthly ministry of Jesus and where he called His first disciples Peter, Andrew, James, and John from the fishing industry. On and around the Sea of Galilee Jesus performed most of His 33 recorded miracles.

After we left the Sea, we headed out to Caesarea Philippi

SCRIPTURE// Matthew 16:13-18

Caesarea Philippi, also known today as Banias, is a beautiful region located 25 miles north of the Sea of Galilee at the southwestern base of Mount Hermon. It was here, as recorded in Matthew 16:13-18, that Jesus asked His disciples: “Who do you say that I am?” and Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” Jesus replied to Peter, “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”

This was powerful for many reasons, one being that the very location where the conversation took place was at the time a center of the Cult of Pan (hence Panias/Banias) and a location many of the cult followers made sacrifices into a cave thought to be the gateway to the underworld. It was very interesting that Jesus came to the highest point in Israel to reveal himself to the disciples, the place whenere many believed was the gate of hell and the realm of death. Matt 16. Caesarea Philippi is where one of the largest springs feeds the headwaters of the Jordan River thus providing the life source of water to the entire country.

Rabbi teaches us to think about Who do we say Jesus is? And how our identity is our destiny or in other words, whatever defines us will direct our lives. Rabbi also challenges us to have a purpose and “if you do not have a purpose, someone else will create one for you”.

I wrote down in my journal these words, “Come into agreement with truth about who I am. Enter into the fullness of who God created me to be”. at 9;34 AM I prayed, Lord, I love you. You see me. You are here. Thank you for thinking of me right now. I am love, an ambassador, Director of Heaven here on earth to show love. To be love to love. Thank you Lord for loving me, for inviting me into your chamber and using me here at theis time to show love to the lonely, the hungry, the unlovable. or unloved to bear witness for your Lord of the enormity and expanse of the Love You are and desire for your children." Amen! Amen.

Yeshua Messiah appears in the Galilee to fullfil the prophecy of Isiah 8 ‘in the future He will bring glory by the way of the sea, beyond the Jordan Galillee of the Gentiles” “Nazareth travels to Capernaum, comes to undue exile by coinng to the place Israel was first exiled. Rabbi reads from Luke Chapter 5 and shows us where it all took place and when Yeshua says follow me and teaches us about the ancient 1st Century World how Rabbi’s made disciples, the disciples were commanded to learn as early as age 5 boys began to study the Torah teachings. At age 10, only th ebest students would search out the best Rabbi’s and learn from the Rabbi’s to spread that Rabbi’s teachings. If the Rabbi was good, he

would say come and follow me. Then comes Jesus, miracle working Rabbi. A little thought liberty here that Peter might not have been the best students, so as a fisherman, Peter would have been extremely honored to be called by a Rabbi to follow.

Rabbi challenges us to share our spiritual story and get into the game. I, April Healy have been chosen, anointed, appointed, I am a disciple”! I have been chosen togo make disciples of nations to obey and to teach by simply sharing what God has done” - Journal log 5-20-23 11:21 AM Insrael time.

Jesus knew the hearts of hte disciples and knew they would imitate Jesus, would walk like Him. At this point in the teachings I started thinking about the responsibility we have as believers, the honor we have been entrusted with. “A mission has meaning”. Stewardship. God does not want our ‘spare change” - what are we willing to sacrifice for Yeshua? E.A.R.T.H. (equipped and ready to help). Are we willing to go deeper? He is worth it. We are chosen. He is worthy of it all.

It is about 11;39 AM and we are now in the synagogue singing “worthy of it all” ~ in my minds eye I could see an eye, I could see wings, so many colors. I dropped to my notebook to write this down so I would not forget.

Rabbi is now teaching it is 12:14 PM and he is sharing how Jesus showed the deeper meanings of the Torah and how the disciples sat uners the feet of the greatest Rabbi ever. The connections of the Old and the New and ends with praying that we would be helped to see the wonders of the word of God and share with others to fill our “nets” with His word ~ Amen!

Mount of Beatitudes

SCRIPTURE // Matthew 5-7

OVERVIEW // Between the gently rolling hills and the distinct beauty of the Sea of Galilee rises the Mount of Beatitudes. According to Matthew, Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount here among these hills. The Sermon, focusing on moral and social responsibility, has held a primary place in the teachings of the Church throughout the centuries. The natural landscape creates an amphitheater that was able to contain the multitudes of followers that came to hear Jesus teach. We encourage you to find a quiet spot for a few minutes, tune out the noise with some headphones and worship music and look out over the sea while reading Jesus’ words in Matthew 5-7.

Here is a piece of art I have in my home. If you look closely, it is the sermon.

Visit Peter’s Primacy (Tabgha Church)

SCRIPTURE // Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:31-44, Luke 9:12-17, John 6:1-14, Matthew 15:32-39, Mark 8:1-9

OVERVIEW // Located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, the Tabgha (also called The Place of Seven Springs or Ein Sheva in Hebrew) is best known to the Christian world as the site wherein Christ performed the Miracle of the Multiplication of Fish and Loaves. Indeed, it is noted in all four Gospels that it was here in the Tabgha that Jesus was able to feed 5000 men with only five loaves of bread and two fish. It is believed that it was by virtue of Jesus’ prayer that the scant food was able to sustain the entire crowd.

The Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all report a second miracle performed in this location, also having to do with feeding the multitudes. Perhaps the most detailed account of the second miracle comes from the Gospel of John where it is stated that while giving a large sermon in Tabgha, Jesus elected not to send the 4000 men home hungry but instead to provide them with supper. As in the first miracle mentioned in the Gospels, here too a small (yet this time unspecified) amount of food was able to feed the entire congregation.

Shabbat dinner

The Sabbath principle is woven into the fabric of God’s design for all people and is the source of great blessing for all who follow Him. Tonight – at the start of Shabbat – Rabbi Jason walks us through a Shabbat dinner and will equip you and your family to experience God’s rest!

Night night.

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